P1030952 copy

$2300 Exquisite and spacious one bedroom in the South End available January 1st

P1030459 copy

$2800 Open concept penthouse two bed

P1040211 copy

$3900 Beautiful Fenway duplex

P1200599 copy

$4600 Spacious South End four bed

P1040589 copy

$5300 Enormous Hemenway 4 bed 2 bath

P1050836 copy

$5400 Striking South end duplex

P1200461 copy

$4700 Beautiful Fenway duplex

P1280860 copy

$6450 Spacious South End six bed two bath duplex

P1010686 copy

$5000 Spacious top floor Symphony four bedroom

P1050973 copy

$3900 Three bed penthouse duplex

P1010803 copy

$3400 Enormous Gainsborough duplex

P1050798 copy

$4000 Luxurious three bed duplex