P1290558 copy

$2400 Spacious Oak Square three bedroom

P1060749 copy

$1250 July 1st open concept one bed

P1000565 copy

$4200 Stylish and modern four bedroom

P1220419 copy

$4000 Open concept 4 bed 2 bath w/ central air

P1200599 copy

$4800 Spacious South End four bed

P1290512 copy

$2400 Sun-drenched three bedroom plus study

P1290380 copy

$2600 Stylish three bed duplex w/ a modern kitchen

P1020264 copy

$1675 Exposed brick one bed

P1250045 copy

$2000 Spacious and lovely two bed

P1020228 copy

$3000 Spacious three bedroom plus

P1070265 copy

$5100 Stylish and modern gut renovation

P1290313 copy

$3000 Spacious 3.5 bed 2 bath dupex

P1280940 copy

$3200 Renovated 4 bed 2 bath w/ a spacious back yard


$1600 Newly constructed one bed

P1230251 copy

$2950 Sun-drenched four bed two bath

P1140211a copy

$3200 Beautifully renovated 4 bed 2 bath

P1290103 copy

$2550 Renovated three bed w/ an open layout

P1290261 copy

$2400 Stylish three bedroom townhouse